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CONCLUSIONS As cholesteatoma is widespread and erosive, it should be cleared away thoroughly, to keep a dry ear and conserve maximum hearing ability in children. Canal wall-down mastoidectomy with mastoid and epitympanum obliteration is a good choice for treatment of cholesteatoma in children. OBJECTIVE To investigate canal wall-down mastoidectomy with(More)
A series of iminopyridine ligated Co(II) (1a–7a) and Ni(II) (1b–7b) complexes were synthesized. The structures of complexes 3a, 4a, 5a, 7a, 5b, and 6b were determined by X-ray crystallographic analyses. Complex 3a formed a chloro-bridged dimer, whereas 4a, 5a, and 7a, having a substituent (4a, 5a: CH3; 7a: Br) at the 6-position of pyridine, producing the(More)
Vanadium complexes bearing naphthalene-bridged nitrogen-sulfonate ligand ([ê2(N,O)-8-(PhN)-1-naphthalenesulfonato]VOCl (1a) and [ê2(N,O)-8-(PhN)-1-naphthalenesulfonato] VCl2 (1b)) were synthesized. Activated by ethylaluminium sesquichloride (EASC) and in the presence of ethyl trichloroacetate (ETCA) as reactivator, complexes 1a and 1b showed activities of(More)
A new family of bis(N-arylcarboximidoylchloride)pyridine cobalt(II) complexes with the general formula [2,6-(ArN=CCl)2C5H3N]CoCl2 (Ar = 2,4,6-Me3C6H2, 4a; 2,6-(i)Pr2C6H3, 4b; 2,6-Me2C6H3, 4c; C6H5, 4d; 4-Cl-2,6-Me2C6H2, 4e) and a typical Brookhart-Gibson-type reference complex [2,6-(2,4,6-Me3C6H2N=CMe)2C5H3N]CoCl2 (5a) were synthesized and characterized.(More)
OBJECTIVE To explore the prevention of complications during the the paralaryngeal space (PPS) neoplasms surgery. METHOD A retrospect study was carried out from 41 patients, suffering from paralaryngeal space neoplasms and recerving surgery from 1990 to 2002. The surgical procedures included oral approach in 6 cases, parotid approach in 6 cases, cervical(More)
OBJECTIVE To explore the safety of 5 mm cutting-edges with the analysis of DNA contend and cell cycle and the pathology observation. METHOD Twenty specimens of laryngocarcinoma and its cutting-edges were analyzed by flow cytometry, contrasting to 5 samples of normal larynx tissue, and their light-microscopy and electra-microscopy were discussed. RESULT(More)
OBJECTIVES A retrospective study was conducted on 6 patients with esophageal impacted dentures removed via rigid esophagoscopy. METHODS Six patients with esophageal impacted dentures were treated in our department, and the following technique was successfully performed. With the patients under general anesthesia, we inserted the endoscope to visualize the(More)
The development of laryngeal squamous cell carcinomas (LSCC) is strongly influenced by the host immune system. Indoleamine 2,3-dioxygenase (IDO) can promote and maintain an immunosuppressive microenvironment which can impede the efficacy of anticancer responses. The purpose of the current study is to investigate the prognostic value of intratumoral IDO(More)
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