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Loss of ppr3, ppr4, ppr6, or ppr10 perturbs iron homeostasis and leads to apoptotic cell death in Schizosaccharomyces pombe
The results show for the first time that deletion of a ppr gene leads to perturbation of iron homeostasis and suggest that disrupted ironHomeostasis in Δppr3, ΔppR4, Δppsr6, and Δpp r10 mutants may lead to an increase in the level of ROS and induction of apoptotic cell death in S. pombe.
The S. pombe mitochondrial transcriptome.
This work uncovers the complexity of a fungal mitochondrial transcriptome and provides a framework for future studies of mitochondrial gene expression using S. pombe as a model system.
dnm1 deletion blocks mitochondrial fragmentation in Δfzo1 cells
This study represents the first report of Fzo1 mediator of mitochondrial fusion in S. pombe, and finds that dnm1 mutations could both block mitochondrial fragmentation and rescue respiration growth defect in Δfzo1 single mutant cells.