Yanmei Hu

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Four experiments studied the interfering effects of a to-be-ignored "stimulus suffix" on cued recall of feature bindings for a series of objects. When each object was given equal weight (Experiment 1) or rewards favored recent items (Experiments 2 and 4), a recency effect emerged that was selectively reduced by a suffix. The reduction was greater for a(More)
We examined the role of executive control in stimulus-driven and goal-directed attention in visual working memory using probed recall of a series of objects, a task that allows study of the dynamics of storage through analysis of serial position data. Experiment 1 examined whether executive control underlies goal-directed prioritization of certain items(More)
As a further step towards the modernization of acupuncture, the objective of this review was to figure out the frequency and severity of adverse complications and events in acupuncture treatment reported from 1980 to 2013 in China. All first-hand case reports of acupuncture-related complications and adverse events that could be identified in the scientific(More)
Community structure is a fundamental feature for many networks. The problem of discovering communities in those networks thus has been attracting a lot of research. However, due to the rapid increase of networks’ scale and the availability of real communities in many networks, the task of detecting communities in large real networks remains a challenging(More)
This paper deals with LPV (Linear Parameter Varying) eigenstructure assignment in BTT (bank to turn) missile attitude control using state feedback. Based on general Sylvester equations with varying coefficients, very simple parametric expressions in direct closed forms for both the closed-loop eigenvector matrix and the feedback gains are established in(More)