Yanlong Liang

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Previous studies reported that statins showed positive effects on bone in both human and animal models. This study aimed to investigate the effects of atorvastatin on the prevention of osteoporosis and dyslipidemia in ovariectomized rats fed with high-fat emulsion. The 3-month-old female rats were subjected to either sham operations (n = 8) or(More)
The product of oxidized 6-OHDA and GSH reacted in vitro has been identified by a variety of chemical and physical methods to be 2,4,5-trihydroxy-6-S-(glutathionyl)phenethylamine. Its chemical properties show it easily undergoes a variety of oxidative condensations and polymerization. Its oxidized form, the p-quinone, can be identified in small quantities in(More)
Obesity and osteoporosis are often concurrently happened in the menopausal women. Obesity in menopausal women is not only related to a high risk of cardiovascular disease, but also results in a detrimental effect on bone health. This study aimed to investigate the effects of aspirin, a popular anti-thrombosis drug, on bone quantity and quality in the(More)
Simultaneous oxygen electrode and conventional polarographic measurements show the net concentration of hydrogen peroxide produced by air oxidation of 6-hydroxydopamine is considerably less than that predicted from the known stoichiometry of the reaction. This is due to competitive oxidation of 6-hydroxydopamine by the generated hydrogen peroxide. The(More)
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