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Mutual information based matching-suitable features are studied in this paper, for the selection of good matching areas with high success probability in SAR matching aided navigation system. Based on the analysis of SAR imaging and multi-source matching, four feature constructing guide lines are proposed first. Then ten candidate features are designed under(More)
The performance of wavelet-based multifocus image fusion depends on the number of decomposition levels in the wavelet transform. Too few decomposition levels result in poor spatial quality in the fused images. On the other hand, too many levels induce distortion between the original and the fused images. In general, fusion of images with larger resolution(More)
In this paper, a set of terrain generation algorithm was proposed to simulate lunar terrain in landing areas. Based on characteristic analysis of lunar surface, simulated terrain was constructed by combination of a basic terrain and an impact terrain. According to the algorithm, roadblocks such as screes and craters were modeled through a parameterized(More)
In this paper, an attempt is made to define the features of SAR employment planning problem for tactical aircraft in military operations. General concepts for use of airborne SAR to find and locate targets are described and formulated into a parameter optimization problem. The utility and constrains of SAR imaging followed by weapon delivery are described,(More)
This paper presents a novel navigation scheme which the switch between INS/SAR integration and inertial navigation is available. The FAST feature detector for image registration is employed for SAR/INS integrated navigation. Simulation results show that FAST feature based image registration method is able to meet the requirements of the real time(More)
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