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Penalty function is popular method for constrained optimization problems. Generally, a penalty parameter controls the degree of penalty for a constrained violation and an optimal parameter exists, but the value is difficult to define and its optimal value is different for different questions. Here, we propose an improved multi-population genetic algorithm(More)
Object category recognition is a challenging task due to the low level and non-discrimination in visual representation.Most previous methods concentrate to find better high level visual features. Recently, optimally integrating various features to solve the problem attracted more interests. In this paper, we provide a novel method for object category(More)
SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) is standardized by Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) as a signaling and control functionality for multimedia services (video and audio) [1]. However, SIP is a text-based protocol with messages usually exceeding several hundred bytes in size, thus causing high call set-up latency over low bit-rate links. As a(More)
Two criteria for converting a chaotic system to a normal form via coordinate transformation are presented. Firstly, it was proved that a chaotic system can be converted to a normal form if and only if there exists a single-input control system which treats the vector field of the chaotic system as drift vector field and can be fully linearized by state(More)
To solve the problems of the high dimension and heavy correlation of inputs, a novel method of soft sensor based on the integration of both kernel principal component analysis (KPCA) and radial basis function neural network (RBFNN) is proposed and applied in the modeling of biomass estimation in the fermentation process of Avermectin in this paper. KPCA is(More)
A proper model of a bioprocess is very important for the development of industrial bioprocesses. Here, genetic programming (GP) and genetic algorithm (GA) are used to model the Avermectin fermentation process. To get more accuracy model without losing generalization, a regularization term is integrated into the fitness function and an adaptive method to(More)
Performance of WLANs (Wireless Local Area Network) has been investigated for many years. However, most of the investigations have been performed on a single cell scenario. Realistic WLANs’ deployment scenario are based onmulti-cell configuration, the throughput per cell is considerably reduced compared to the single cell case. This paper proposes a(More)
Heterogeneous networks are consisted of the networks with different Radio Access Technologies (RAT). Vertical handoffs would be triggered while mobile users moving across two cells implemented different RATs during the session. Thus, some serious problems will be caused due to characteristics of different RATs. Numerous solutions have been proposed to solve(More)
This work defines an analytical model that computes an upper bound of the transmitted power of a base station in the downlink. The distribution of terminals is modeled as a Poisson point Process. Based on point process theory and concentration inequalities, an upper bound of the distribution of power consumption of base station is derived. Closed forms are(More)