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It is well known that plant photosynthesis and respiration are two fundamental and crucial physiological processes, while the critical role of the antioxidant system in response to abiotic factors is still a focus point for investigating physiological stress. Although one key metabolic process and its response to climatic change have already been reported(More)
Nitrogen (N) serves as an important mineral element affecting plant productivity and nutritional quality. However, few studies have addressed the interactive effects of elevated CO2 and precipitation change on leaf N of dominant grassland genera such as Stipa L. This has restricted our understanding of the responses of grassland to climate change. We(More)
To study the deleterious effects of ketamine and the potential interaction effects between ethanol and ketamine on the cerebellum, functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) tests were performed on the habitual ketamine users (n = 3) when they flexed and extended their upper limbs. Another fMRI test was performed on the same participants in which they(More)
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