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Cracking and Stress–Strain Behavior of Rock-Like Material Containing Two Flaws Under Uniaxial Compression
This paper investigates the cracking and stress–strain behavior, especially the local strain concentration near the flaw tips, of rock-like material containing two flaws. A series of uniaxial
Displacement-Dependent Earth Pressures on Rigid Retaining Walls with Compressible Geofoam Inclusions: Physical Modeling and Analytical Solutions
AbstractA rigid nonyielding retaining structure needs to be dimensioned to have adequate stiffness, such that it can resist mobilized lateral earth pressures. This corresponds to the at-rest
Experimental Study of Temperature Effects on Physical and Mechanical Characteristics of Salt Rock
Summary.Because of its advantageous physical and mechanical characteristics, salt rock is considered an excellent host rock for nuclear waste disposal. Nuclear wastes in a salt rock repository will
Experimental Investigation of the Liquefaction Properties and Post-Liquefaction Volumetric Strain of Calcareous Sand in Dredger Fill Site
In this study, dynamic triaxial cyclic tests were conducted to examine the liquefaction properties and post-liquefaction volumetric strain of calcareous sand from a dredger fill site in the midst of