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Polyploidy is an important evolutionary mechanism in flowering plants that often induces immediate extensive changes in gene expression through genomic merging and doubling. Brassica napus L. is one of the most economically important polyploid oil crops and has been broadly studied as an example of polyploid crop. RNA-seq is a recently developed technique(More)
—3D modeling method is divided into geospatial modeling and 3D geological modeling. 3D geological modeling technique has become a favorable tool for people to observe and analyze the geological body enriched in mineral resources. Unlike geospatial modeling, 3D geological modeling must consider various geological conditions affecting spatial shape and(More)
This paper, based on the present main web performance testing theories and technologies, discussed a kind of web performance testing idea on the Socket-group-based strategy and gave the relationship module of the Socket-group strategy. Furthermore, We discuss in detail the Judgment Matrix Algorithm based on the Socket-group strategy and the programming(More)
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