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Urinary parabens in children from South China: Implications for human exposure and health risks.
Estimation of human intake and exposure risks indicated potential risks of PrP exposure for elementary school students, suggesting similar sources and/or metabolic pathways of these two chemicals. Expand
Co-exposure to polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons and phthalates and their associations with oxidative stress damage in school children from South China.
Risks from PAHs could be neglected, but that 29.5 % of school children may be subject to obvious health risks from PAEs, especially diethylhexyl phthalate. Expand
Trace elements in shellfish from Shenzhen, China: Implication of coastal water pollution and human exposure
Abstract Shellfish constitute an important component of human diet, especially for those living in coastal regions. Shellfish have attracted extensive attention due to high enrichment of heavyExpand
Exposure to heavy metals and its association with DNA oxidative damage in municipal waste incinerator workers in Shenzhen, China.
There is no correlation statistically significant between the concentrations of any heavy metal and 8-OHdG in urine in the exposed group, indicating heavy metals releasing from waste incineration were not important factors to induce DNA oxidative stress. Expand
Exposure to parabens and associations with oxidative stress in adults from South China.
Investigation of urinary levels of parabens in adults from South China found a potential risk from PrP exposure was found in South China adults and a significantly positive correlation was observed between the urinary concentrations of MeP and PrP, suggesting similar sources for these two chemicals. Expand
The effect of prenatal and early-postnatal exposure to classical air pollution on childhood pneumonia in China:
To investigate the role of different pattern of ambient air pollutants exposure during early life on childhood pneumonia, a retrospective cohort study of 3226 preschool children aged three and a half years found that different patterns of pollution exposure in early life are associated with childhood pneumonia. Expand