Yanlin Guan

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We propose an efficient algorithm for compressing cutting plane of three dimensional Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) data set. Observing the cutting planes of large 3D CFD data set is an important method for examination of simulation result, and efficient compression algorithm of these cutting planes is important for good performance of visualization(More)
Geometrical modeling is a crucial aspect of simulations involving manufactured objects and is usually performed using free-form surfaces. However, to simulate the flow through or about a manufactured object or to simulate structural integrity, the free-form surfaces must be tessellated into triangulated surfaces. To concurrently visualize the simulation(More)
We present an efficient algorithm for compressing the data necessary to represent an arbitrary cutting plane extracted from a three dimensional curvilinear data set. The cutting plane technique is an important visualization method for time-varying 3D simulation results since the data sets are often so large. An efficient compression algorithm for these(More)
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