Yanliang Zhang

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Vision guided automatic cell injection system has become increasingly important in the past ten years. The existing cell injection systems mainly deal with large cells with size bigger than 40 micrometers. However, when dealing with small cells, the internal and external disturbances presented in the system may affect the success rate of injections(More)
In this paper, a new calibration method for piezoelectric actuator-based vision guided cell microinjection system is proposed. This method puts all the parameterspsila uncertainties in a lumped rotational matrix instead of classifying the parameters into extrinsic and intrinsic categories. The difference between the measured and nominal output is assumed to(More)
Making changes of cells function by regulating the external mechanical environment is one of the major interests in the mechanobiology field. Based on extensive studies, force at nano-to-micro newton and geometric shape changes at nano-to-micrometer are the physical stimuli that can be sensed by cells. It has been postulated that controllable cell responses(More)
Plant cell injection is difficult due to the complicated structure of cells. Possesses great challenges to carry out the injection task automatically because of the large area it covers and the multiple layers of cells. In this paper, an automatic injection system based on the microscopic focus measurement is developed to automate injection process and also(More)
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