Yanliang Zhang

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—Plant cell injection is difficult due to the complicated structure of cells. Possesses great challenges to carry out the injection task automatically because of the large area it covers and the multiple layers of cells. In this paper, an automatic injection system based on the microscopic focus measurement is developed to automate injection process and(More)
Epitaxial heterostructures with precisely controlled composition and electronic modulation are of central importance for electronics, optoelectronics, thermoelectrics, and catalysis. In general, epitaxial material growth requires identical or nearly identical crystal structures with small misfit in lattice symmetry and parameters and is typically achieved(More)
Screen printing allows for direct conversion of thermoelectric nanocrystals into flexible energy harvesters and coolers. However, obtaining flexible thermoelectric materials with high figure of merit ZT through printing is an exacting challenge due to the difficulties to synthesize high-performance thermoelectric inks and the poor density and electrical(More)
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