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The distribution and variability of simulated chlorophyll concentration over the tropical Indian Ocean from five CMIP5 models
Performances of 5 models from the Coupled Model Intercomparison Project Phase 5 (CMIP5) in simulating the chlorophyll concentration over the tropical Indian Ocean are evaluated. Results show thatExpand
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Anomalous behaviors of Wyrtki Jets in the equatorial Indian Ocean during 2013
In-situ measurement of the upper ocean velocity discloses significant abnormal behaviors of two Wyrtki Jets (WJs) respectively in boreal spring and fall, over the tropical Indian Ocean in 2013. TheExpand
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Strong modulations on the Bay of Bengal monsoon onset vortex by the first northward-propagating intra-seasonal oscillation
Monsoon onset vortex (OV) in the form of tropical cyclone is often observed in the pre-monsoon period and contributes to the subsequent abrupt establishment of summer monsoon over the Bay of BengalExpand
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Two‐step continuous production of monodisperse colloidal ellipsoids at rates of one gram per day
We report a two-step process for the continuous production of monodisperse polystyrene colloidal ellipsoids of aspect ratios up to 6.8 at rates that exceed 1.0 g per day, an improvement uponExpand
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Possible role of pre-monsoon sea surface warming in driving the summer monsoon onset over the Bay of Bengal
Sea surface temperature (SST) reaches its annual maximum just before the summer monsoon onset and collapses soon after in the central areas of the Bay of Bengal (BoB). Here, the impact of the peak inExpand
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What controls the interannual variation of tropical cyclone genesis frequency over Bay of Bengal in the post‐monsoon peak season?
Tropical cyclone (TC) over Bay of Bengal (BoB) during its climatologic maximum peak season (October–November, post-monsoon season) exhibits a significant interannual variation between a negativeExpand
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Zooplankton diel vertical migration and influence of upwelling on the biomass in the Chukchi Sea during summer
The diel vertical migration (DVM) of zooplankton and the influence of upwelling on zooplankton biomass were examined using water column data of current velocity and mean volume backscatteringExpand
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The Northward-Propagating Intraseasonal Oscillations in the Northern Indian Ocean during Spring–Early Summer
AbstractThe intraseasonal oscillations (ISOs) activate in the tropical Indian Ocean (IO), exhibiting distinct seasonal contrasts in active regions and propagating features. The seasonal northward m...
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