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Hyaluronidases are a family of enzymes that degrade hyaluronic acid (hyaluronan, HA) and widely used in many fields. A hyaluronidase producing bacteria strain was screened from the air. 16S ribosomal DNA (16S rDNA) analysis indicated that the strain belonged to the genus Bacillus, and the strain was named as Bacillus sp. A50. This is the first report of a(More)
Type V collagen is a component of non-cartilaginous tissues and is important in the determination of fibril structure and matrix organization, although its functions are still poorly understood. In this report, RNA interference (RNAi) approaches were used to investigate the effects of knockdown of the schistosome type V collagen (SjColV) gene. In this(More)
We develop a simple and low-cost technique based on chemical vapor deposition from which large-size graphene films with 5-10 graphene layers can be produced reliably and the graphene films can be transferred easily onto HgCdTe (MCT) thin wafers at room temperature. The proposed technique does not cause any thermal and mechanical damages to the MCT wafers.(More)
Schistosomiasis is an important global public health problem, as millions of people are at risk of acquiring this infection. An ideal method for sustainable control of schistosomiasis is using a vaccine alone or in combination with drugs. In the present study, we cloned the SjGALE gene and generated the expression product in E. coli. The expression level of(More)
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