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In this study, UV-visible flexible resistivity-type photo-detectors were demonstrated with CdS-nanowires (NWs) percolation network channel and Ag-NWs percolation network electrode. The devices were fabricated on Mixed Cellulose Esters (MCE) membrane using a lithographic filtration method combined with a facile non-transfer process. The photo-detectors(More)
To explain the adoption of two Online payment tools (Quick Pay, Union Pay Online), we use TAM and Trust Theories to extend the Valence Framework. Then we designed a questionnaire in accordance with the proposed model. With the data collected, we have discovered that perceived benefit and trust are the key factors determining users' adoption of e-payment(More)
The distribution task has typical characteristics of dynamic mobility: the environment variable, time constraints, therefore, how to create a task with a good adaptive distribution knowledge service system to support collaborative management of the distribution task, has been the attention focus of scholars. This paper defines four task(More)
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