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Manufacturing automation with adoptability to the changing environment is a competitive advantage for shop floors. This paper presents a flexible workflow enacted job shop manufacturing execution and automation system. The manufacturing process sequence of each part is modeled as an abstract workflow and each manufacturing job resulting in a batch of the(More)
Manufacturing execution system (MES) is put forward by advanced manufacturing research, and it's the management information system for workshop hierarchy, which is located between planning management system and industry controlling system. How to manage, share and allocate manufacturing resource is key problem for MES. The paper firstly introduces(More)
Manufacturing execution system platform is proposed combine the idea of software reusing with the characteristics of the field of aerospace enterprise. The system structure of manufacturing execution system platform is introduced and features of MES platform are expounded. Application system development process based on MES platform is described in detail.(More)
Agent technology is widely employed to construct dynamic, distributed collaborative manufacturing systems in which the individual participating agents contribute to execute different part of the whole manufacturing job, and the final goal is achieved through cooperation. However, the cooperation among agents is based on message exchange, and the system(More)
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