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Reconstructing the phylogeny of Blattodea: robust support for interfamilial relationships and major clades
Cockroaches are among the most recognizable of all insects. In addition to their role as pests, they play a key ecological role as decomposers. Despite numerous studies of cockroach phylogeny inExpand
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Species Delimitation and Phylogenetic Relationships in Ectobiid Cockroaches (Dictyoptera, Blattodea) from China
We collected Ectobiidae cockroach specimens from 44 locations in the south of the Yangtze valley. We obtained 297 COI sequences specimens and carried out phylogenetic and divergence dating analyses,Expand
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Maternal care by Early Cretaceous cockroaches
Most cockroaches produce a special capsular structure, the ootheca, to enclose eggs for protection and maternal brood care. However, the origin and early evolution of the cockroach ootheca is poorlyExpand
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A new genus and species of the planthopper tribe Augilini Baker (Hemiptera, Caliscelidae, Ommatidiotinae) from Thailand and China
In the present paper a new genus and new species of caliscelid planthopper (Hemiptera: Fulgoromorpha), Pseudosymplanella nigrifasciata are described and illustrated. The species is recorded fromExpand
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Sinolatindia petila gen. n. and sp. n. from China (Blattodea, Corydiidae, Latindiinae)
Abstract Sinolatindia petila gen. n. and sp. n. (Blattodea: Corydiidae: Latindiinae) is reported from Yunnan Province, China. Description, illustrations and a distribution map of the new taxon areExpand
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Revision of Eucorydia Hebard, 1929 from China, with notes on the genus and species worldwide (Blattodea, Corydioidea, Corydiidae)
Abstract The cockroach genus Eucorydia from China is revised. Five new species are described and illustrated: Eucorydia linglong sp. n., Eucorydia pilosa sp. n., Eucorydia splendida sp. n., EucorydiaExpand
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A new genus of the tribe Issini Spinola (Hemiptera: Fulgoroidea: Issidae) from China
Pseudochoutagus curvativus, a new genus and species of Issidae (Hemiptera) is described based on specimens from Hainan, China. The genus is compared to the superficially similar genus ChoutagusExpand
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Taxonomic Study on the Genus Gergithoides Schumacher (Homoptera: Fulgoroi dea: Issidae)
The present paper deals with four species of the genus Gergithoides Schumacher, of which two are new to science, i. e. , Gergithoides undulates Wang et Che, sp. nov. and Gergithoides gibbosus Chou etExpand
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The Complete Mitogenome of the Wood-Feeding Cockroach Cryptocercus meridianus (Blattodea: Cryptocercidae) and Its Phylogenetic Relationship among Cockroach Families
In this study, the complete mitochondrial genome of Cryptocercus meridianus was sequenced. The circular mitochondrial genome is 15,322 bp in size and contains 13 protein-coding genes, two ribosomalExpand
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A global molecular phylogeny and timescale of evolution for Cryptocercus woodroaches.
Cryptocercus is a genus of sub-social wood-feeding cockroaches that represents the sister group to the eusocial termites. We generated mitochondrial (12S+16S rRNA, COII), nuclear (28S rRNA) andExpand
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