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The quality of component-based systems highly depends on how effectively testing is carried out. To achieve the maximal testing effectiveness, this paper presents a product line based aspect oriented approach to unit testing. The aspect product line facilitates the automatic creation of aspect test cases that deal with specific quality requirements. An(More)
Mismatches between pre-qualified existing components and the particular reuse context in applications are often inevitable and have been a major hurdle of component reusability and smooth composition. Although component adaptation has acted as a key solution of eliminating these mismatches, existing practices are either only capable for adaptation at a(More)
When building service oriented systems, it is often the case that existing web services do not perfectly match user requirements in target systems. To achieve smooth integration and high reusability of web services, mechanisms to support automated evolution of web services are highly in demand. This paper advocates achieving the above evolution by applying(More)
Mismatches in QoS (Quality of Service) often appears as a major but implicit hurdle to smooth component integration. This paper presents a solution to the above problem through product line based aspect oriented component adaptation. The approach enjoys high level of automation and capability of deep level adaptation, which is achieved in an aspect-oriented(More)
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