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PURPOSE To evaluate the ability of various software (SW) tools used for quantitative image analysis to properly account for source-specific image scaling employed by magnetic resonance imaging manufacturers. METHODS A series of gadoteridol-doped distilled water solutions (0%, 0.5%, 1%, and 2% volume concentrations) was prepared for manual substitution(More)
The development of more challenging PM parts goes hand in hand with improved lubricants formulations. As parts become more complex and thus more difficult to eject, lubricants need to perform at unachieved levels. Furthermore, environmental concerns tend to limit the usage of metallic stearates, which offered great lubrication properties. Meanwhile, the(More)
A clear trend in the PM community for the past years is the development of increasingly more complex parts. Multi-level, tall and high green density parts are favoured in order to obtain the best mechanical performance while keeping the manufacturing costs as low as possible. To some extent, such advances are dependent on the metal powder feedstock. High(More)
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