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  • Yanjun Zuo
  • IEEE Trans. Systems, Man, and Cybernetics, Part C
  • 2010
Radio frequency identification (RFID) technique has been applied in high-security and high-integrity settings such as national defense, healthcare, and citizen identification. A tiny RFID tag is attached to a mobile object, which can be scanned and recognized by a reader. RFID offers opportunities for real-time item identification and inventory tracking.(More)
Trust plays an important role in a web-based social network. Given the open and dynamic nature of such an online virtual community, trust evaluation relies on transitive relationships among the direct and indirect neighbors of an evaluator. We propose a framework to evaluate the trustworthiness of a given node (e.g., a user) based on a set of trust chains(More)
One of the difficulties in evaluating the trustworthiness of an object in a virtual organization is the lack of sufficient information to study how the object was formed and to what level its components should be trusted. If a subject could be provided with detailed information about the ingredients of a compound object, then the subject would be able to(More)
Fuzzy dependency in a database delineates a loose dependency relationship between two sets of attributes. It describes logical relationships among attributes in a database relation and those relationships can't be fully specified by functional dependencies, which focus on database schema and data organization. This characteristic of the database schema can(More)