Yanjun Xiao

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Traditional Pt counter electrode in quantum-dot-sensitized solar cells suffers from a low electrocatalytic activity and instability due to irreversible surface adsorption of sulfur species incurred while regenerating polysulfide (S(n)(2-)/S(2-)) electrolytes. To overcome such constraints, chemically synthesized Cu(2)ZnSn(S(1-x)Se(x))(4) nanocrystals were(More)
Through metal-assisted chemical etching (MaCE), superior purification of dirty Si is observed, from 99.74 to 99.9884% for metallurgical Si and from 99.999772 to 99.999899% for upgraded metallurgical Si. In addition, large area of silicon nanowires (SiNW) are fabricated. The purification effect induces a ∼35% increase in photocurrent for SiNW based(More)
The origin of the photocurrent enhancement and the overpotential reduction in solar water splitting employing nanostructured silicon is still a matter of debate. A set of tapered Si nanowires (SiNWs) has been designed for clarifying the impact of nanostructured Si on the hydrogen evolution reaction (HER) while precisely tailoring several interference(More)
This article introduces the working principle of flying ashes conveying system with constant pressure. Constant pressure set at constant pressure regulating process values need to be matched with a suitable speed. The simulation analysis of flying ashes constant pressure conveying system by using finite element analysis software ANSYS, obtained the(More)
Palmprint and hand shape, as two kinds of important biometric characteristics, have been widely studied and applied to human identity recognition. The existing research is based mainly on 2D images, which lose the third-dimensional information. The biological features extracted from 2D images are distorted by pressure and rolling, so the subsequent feature(More)
This paper introduces a kind of mechanical structure and its control system, with which granular materials can be put into mould with a higher leveling status, the mechanical structure adopts split type arrangement, its function is to achieve the material removal and scraping, its control system is composed of a plurality of Mitsubishi PLC using masterslave(More)
Silicon microholes array have been fabricated using femtosecond laser directly writing followed by electrochemical etching in a hydrofluoric acid (HF) and the isopropyl alcohol ((CH<inf>3</inf>)<inf>2</inf>CHOH) solution. Firstly, the micro size scratches array were directly written on a surface of the n-type, 1&#x2013;5 &#x03A9;cm, Si(100) wafer by using(More)
The optical properties of silicon nanowires (Si NWs) coated with metallic nanoparticles (NPs) were theoretically investigated. A three dimensional (3D) model of a solar cell has been proposed, in which the Si NWs were geometrically modeled to be periodically aligned nano-pillars in a square lattice. Hemispherical metallic NPs were coated onto a sidewall of(More)
The optical characteristics of the fabricated Si<inf>1&#x2212;x</inf>Ge<inf>x</inf> nanowires (SGNWs) with different compositions have been researched. Firstly, the SGNWs have been fabricated by Vapor Liquid Solid (VLS) mechanism by using Ni as a catalyst under the temperature of 1000&#x00B0;C, and the length and the compositions of the SGNWs could be tuned(More)