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—Current intrusion detection systems have low detection rate and high false positive rate for new intrusion types. This article applied PSO in network security area, a novel intrusion detection method based on chaos Particle Swarm Optimization and Fuzzy C-Means Clustering is proposed in order to solve the problem of FCM which is much more sensitive to the(More)
BACKGROUND Complications of diabetes mellitus (DM) are related not only to elevated plasma glucose, but also plasma glucose fluctuations. However, the specific mechanism underlying the role of plasma glucose fluctuation in the pathogenesis of DM complications remains poorly understood. In the present study, the influence of acute fluctuant hyperglycemia and(More)
The study aims to explore the risk of depression in left-behind children in grades four-six in rural China and to identify the factors associated with increased depression risk in this population. In Hubei Xiantao, a school-based sample of 1000 children was recruited with 875 children (590 left-behind children, 285 controls) providing all relevant(More)
BACKGROUND AND PURPOSE Site-direct delivery is a desirable and elusive goal. In Traditional Chinese Medicine, this goal is usually met by coadministration with a kind of meridian guide drug (MGD). Vinegar-baked Radix Bupleuri (VBRB) is usually used to focus other drugs pharmacological effect on liver in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). However, the(More)
Vertigo is a common complaint with many potential causes involving otology, neurology and general medicine, and it is fairly difficult to distinguish the vertiginous disorders from each other accurately even for experienced physicians. Based on comprehensive investigations to relevant characteristics of vertigo, we propose a diagnostic modeling and(More)
OBJECTIVE To examine whether the neuropathological and metabolic changes of peripheral nerves are correlated to clinical features in diabetes mellitus type 2 patients with peripheral neuropathy. METHODS 147 type 2 diabetic patients with signs/symptoms of diabetic peripheralneuropathy (DPN) aged 53.4 ± 12.3 years and 134 healthy volunteers aged 55.5 ± 11.7(More)
Casing coupling location signals provided by the magnetic localizer in retractors are typically used to ascertain the position of casing couplings in horizontal wells. However, the casing coupling location signal is usually submerged in noise, which will result in the failure of casing coupling detection under the harsh logging environment conditions. The(More)
The recent publication by the U.S. Chemical Safety Board (CSB) concerning its findings on the Concept Sciences Inc. (CSI) incident involving hydroxylamine (HA) has raised issues with regard to safe production of HA. This CSI incident was followed by another incident that destroyed the Nissin Chemical HA plant in Japan, and today BASF is the sole commercial(More)
Although the body weight support treadmill training (BWSTT) in rehabilitation therapy has been appreciated for a long time, the biomechanical effects of this training on muscular system remain unclear. Ultrasonography has been suggested to be a feasible method to measure muscle morphological changes after neurological diseases such as stroke, which may help(More)
— Recent reports on human dynamics have uncovered regular patterns of human communication and other interactive activities that exhibit characteristics of heavy-tailed, power-law distributions instead of ever-belief Poisson-like random distributions. Motivated by these findings, we adopt a similar data-driven approach to investigate controller's(More)