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This paper studies the asymptotic behavior of solutions of the second-order nonlinear delay differential equations with impulses: 1 (() ()) () () () () () 0 n i i k i r t x t p t x t q t x t f t t t σ ′ ′ ′ = − + − + = , ≠ , () () () () () () k k k k k k k k x t x t a x t x t x t b x t k Z ′ ′ ′ + + + − = , − = , ∈. and some sufficient conditions are(More)
This paper studies an adaptive fuzzy control problem for a class of uncertain nonlinear systems in the pure-feedback form. Compared with the existing approaches, the two main advantages are that the proposed algorithm can be implemented by utilizing only one fuzzy logic systems (FLS) approximator and the robustness of the closed-loop system is improved. The(More)
For the lifted input–output representation of general dual-rate sampled-data systems, this paper presents a decomposition based recursive least squares (D-LS) identification algorithm using the hierarchical identification principle. Compared with the recursive least squares (RLS) algorithm, the proposed D-LS algorithm does not require computing the(More)