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Real-time wireless sensor networks are becoming more and more important by the requirement of message delivery timeliness in emerging new applications. Supporting real-time QoS in sensor networks faces severe challenges due to the wireless nature, limited resource, low node reliability, distributed architecture and dynamic network topology. There are(More)
—A two-hop neighborhood information-based routing protocol is proposed for real-time wireless sensor networks. The approach of mapping packet deadline to a velocity is adopted as that in SPEED; however, our routing decision is made based on the novel two-hop velocity integrated with energy balancing mechanism. Initiative drop control is embedded to enhance(More)
Wireless sensor/actuator networks (WSANs) are emerging as a new generation of sensor networks. Serving as the backbone of control applications, WSANs will enable an unprecedented degree of distributed and mobile control. However, the unreliability of wireless communications and the real-time requirements of control applications raise great challenges for(More)
Epigenetic inheritance in mammals is characterized by high-fidelity replication of CpG methylation patterns during development. UHRF1 (also known as ICBP90 in humans and Np95 in mouse) is an E3 ligase important for the maintenance of global and local DNA methylation in vivo. The preferential affinity of UHRF1 for hemi-methylated DNA over symmetrically(More)
Mixed integer Gomory cuts have become an integral part of state-of-the-art software for solving mixed integer linear programming problems. Therefore, improvements in the performance of these cutting planes can be of great practical value. In this paper we present a simple and fast heuristic for improving the coefficients on the continuous variables in the(More)
Infinite group relaxations of integer programs (IP) were introduced by Gomory and Johnson [10] to generate cutting planes for general IPs. These valid inequalities correspond to real-valued functions defined over an appropriate infinite group. Among all the valid inequalities of the infinite group relaxation, extreme inequalities are most important since(More)