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A simple, environmentally friendly and cost-effective nonsurfactant template method was used to synthesize tannic-acid-templated mesoporous silica nanoparticles (TMSNs), and then dopamine functionalized TMSNs (Dop-TMSNs) which was synthesized by a facile and biomimetic coating strategy, was developed as a new sorbent for the removal of Cu2+ from aqueous(More)
Prior studies showed that corporate social responsibility in developed countries could reduce the losses when negative events happened. Corporate social responsibility had the effects of injury insurance. Using a sample of listed companies in china that were denounced by security regulators, researches whether earlier corporate social responsibility acts(More)
Dopmine functionalized mesoporous onion-like silica (DPMS) was synthesized via a biomimetic coating, and lipase Candida sp. 99-125 (LCS) was immobilized in DPMS (LCS@DPMS) by physical adsorption in this study. The DPMS was characterized by SEM, TEM, BET and FT-IR, and it was shown that the DPMS had clear multishell structures with large surface area of 419(More)
A facile and promising approach was developed to fabricate enzyme-based 3D-ordered macroporous biocatalysts (enzyme-based inverse opals) by using the colloidal crystal templating method. Horseradish peroxidase- and amylase-based inverse opals were prepared, which verified that this method is suitable for various enzymes.
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