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Sertraline, one of the oldest antidepressants, remains to be the most efficacious treatment for depression. However, major depression disorder (MDD) is characterized by altered emotion processing and deficits in cognitive control. In cognitive interference tasks, patients with MDD have shown excessive hypothalamus activity. The purpose of this study was to(More)
IMPORTANCE Although the benefit of reducing blood pressure for primary and secondary prevention of stroke has been established, the effect of antihypertensive treatment in patients with acute ischemic stroke is uncertain. OBJECTIVE To evaluate whether immediate blood pressure reduction in patients with acute ischemic stroke would reduce death and major(More)
GINS2 has been found to be closely related to cell proliferation, survival and maintenance of genomic integrity in addition to the induction of polyploidy. However, the molecular mechanisms of GINS2-mediated tumor regression have not been fully elucidated. Our study showed that GINS2 interacted with PML-C (a structural domain of PML, which is a cutting(More)
Oridonin is an active diterpenoid, which was extracted from traditional Chinese herbs and had been widely used in clinical treatment nowadays. Oridonin phosphate is one of the derivatives of oridonin. In the present study, we explored its anti-tumor effect and investigated the molecular mechanism of oridonin phosphate in breast cancer cell lines. Firstly,(More)
Osteosarcoma is a high-grade malignant bone neoplasm. Although the introduction of chemotherapy has reduced its mortality, >50% of patients develop chemoresistance and have an extremely poor prognosis due to pulmonary metastasis. Several molecular pathways contributing to osteosarcoma development and progression have recently been identified. Various(More)
We present research on the development of a collaborative searching system for ecommerce shopping, based on domain specific requirements of retail shopping. We describe the design rationale for the system development and inclusion of collaborative search features, including search, chat, clipboard, product suggestions, shared views, and shopping cart. Our(More)
Conditionally replicative oncolytic adenoviruses (CRAds) display significant anti-tumor effects. However, the traditional adenovirus of serotype 5 (Ad5) entering cancer cells via coxsackie virus and adenovirus receptor (CAR) can’t be utilized for bladder cancer with low expression of CAR, which limits the application of Ad5. We utilized Ad5/F11p containing(More)
Making rural settlements of Mountainous Regions in Western Sichuan as the study objects and using symbolic statistical methods, then combining the case study of Daofu County, the paper analyzes the negative impact of the scattered rural settlements on infrastructure construction, farmers’ income increase and mountain ecological reconstruction in mountainous(More)
Tetraspanins are believed to interact with specific partner proteins forming tetraspanin-enriched microdomains and regulate some aspects of partner protein functions. However, the role of Tspan5 during pathological processes, particularly in cancer biology, remains unknown. Here we report that Tspan5 is significantly downregulated in gastric cancer (GC) and(More)