Yanjuan Wang

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This paper focuses on the problem of preference satisfaction in service planning of a group of service robots, especially on how to realize a feedback architecture for enhance service quality. Preferences from service users and service robots are set as arguments in an argumentation framework. The argumentation process leads to a mixed set of preferences(More)
This paper aims at the optimizing design of regional coverage reconnaissance satellite constellation. Firstly, model of regional coverage satellite constellation is set up before the design is formulated into a multiple objectives optimization problem. Secondly, a nondominated sorting genetic algorithm (NSGA) and its improved version, elitist and fast(More)
Cost-sensitive classification is one of the hottest research topics in data mining and machine learning. It is prevalent in many applications, such as Automatic Target Recognition (ATR), medical diagnosis, etc. However, the data in practice may be inconsistent due to dimensional reduction operation or other pre-processing, yet it is not clear how the(More)
This paper focuses on the argumentation semantics for preference-based decision problem. Based on the preference-decoupling framework, a new argument game composed by a series of two-party dialogues is proposed to realize the extension semantics. Two agents, the Master and Challenger, hold an argument each to perform a dialogue game by attacking each other.(More)
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