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[1] The analysis of univariate or multivariate time series provides crucial information to describe, understand, and predict climatic variability. The discovery and implementation of a number of novel methods for extracting useful information from time series has recently revitalized this classical field of study. Considerable progress has also been made in(More)
Through analyzing the structure characteristics of existing prosthetic hand, a 3-DOF prosthetic hand with link mechanism as transmission mechanism is put forward. This hand has the advantages of small size, light weight and simple control principle. Based on this, static analysis on one finger is derived, and the relationship between driving force on rack(More)
In recent years, many new beamforming methods have been proposed successively. But most are designed for high-frequency signals and contain very complex coefficient adjustment sections, which are difficult to understand and implement. This paper proposes a novel beamformer with three advantages compared to the existing ones: one is its realization of(More)
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