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Patients with major depressive disorder (MDD) show deficits in cognitive functions. However, the neural mechanisms underlying the pre-attentive information processing in MDD patients are poorly understood. The present study investigated whether MDD patients have impairments in pre-attentive information processing indexed by auditory mismatch negativity(More)
To explore the role of the integrin signaling pathway in hepatocytes during rat liver regeneration, the integrin signaling pathway-related gene expression profile in hepatocytes of regenerative liver was detected using Rat Genome 230 2.0 array. The chip data showed that 265 genes of the integrin signaling pathway were included by Rat Genome 230 2.0 array(More)
BACKGROUND Burnout is recognized as an occupational hazard, and nursing has a high risk of burnout. This study aims to explore the relationship between psychological capital (PsyCap) and burnout among Chinese nurses and the mediating role of coping style in this relationship. METHODS A total of 1,496 nurses (effective response rate: 80.11%) from two large(More)
Reactive oxygen and nitrogen species produced by cold atmospheric plasma (CAP) are considered to be the most important species for biomedical applications, including cancer treatment. However, it is not known which species exert the greatest biological effects, and the nature of their interactions with tumor cells remains ill-defined. These questions were(More)
In this study, we synthesized water-soluble fluorescent gold nanoclusters (Au NCs) stabilized with dihydrolipoic acid (DHLA). The cytotoxicity of these Au NCs was then assessed in the normal human hepatic cell line (L02) and the human hepatoma cell line (HepG2) at different exposure times. Cell viability was normal in both cell lines at 24 hours and 48(More)
The current study investigated the time course of the other-race advantage (ORA) in the subordinate classification of faces by race. A significant ORA was found on RTs for both races. The ERP data showed that the categorization processes follow basic level classification of physiognomic stimuli, which is not influenced by the stimulus race. The most(More)
OBJECTIVE Despite ongoing debate about gender differences in pre-attention processes, little is known about gender effects on change detection for auditory and visual stimuli. We explored gender differences in change detection while processing duration information in auditory and visual modalities. METHOD We investigated pre-attentive processing of(More)
This study reports the potential of cold atmospheric plasma (CAP) as a versatile tool for delivering oligonucleotides into mammalian cells. Compared to lipofection and electroporation methods, plasma transfection showed a better uptake efficiency and less cell death in the transfection of oligonucleotides. We demonstrated that the level of extracellular(More)
OBJECTIVE The main goal of this research was to investigate the complex relationships among coping styles, personality, burnout, and anxiety using a moderated mediation analysis. METHODS A random cluster sampling procedure was used to select a total of 1274 physicians from two tertiary grade A hospitals in Heilongjiang Province, which is located in(More)