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This paper presents key design techniques and challenges in implementing one of the first integrated, energy-efficient 60GHz transceivers including baseband circuitry. The 90nm CMOS direct-conversion design (Fig. 18.5.1) operates from a 1.2V supply and has been optimized for 5-to-10Gb/s QPSK modulation centered at 60GHz. To achieve power consumption of(More)
Emerging applications for the 60GHz spectrum include extremely high-data-rate short-range communication systems. Many of these applications are expected to enter the realm of consumer electronics where low cost and mass production are prerequisites, favoring the application of digital CMOS technology. In this paper, a highly integrated receiver front-end is(More)
—This paper presents a novel CMOS impulse radio (IR) ultra-wide-band (UWB) transceiver system design for future contact less chip testing applications using inductive magnetic coupling as wireless interconnect. The proposed architecture is composed of a simple and robust design of a Gaussian Monocycle impulse generator at the transmitter, a wideband(More)
PURPOSE OF REVIEW Numerous studies reported the rapid spread of HIV/AIDS epidemic among men who have sex with men (MSM) in China. This paper aims to investigate the overall epidemic trend and associated high-risk behaviours among Chinese MSM and to explore the governmental and community responses to the epidemic. RECENT FINDINGS HIV prevalence among(More)
Image segmentation is the first essential and important step of low level vision. This paper proposes a novel algorithm for adaptive image segmentation, based on thresholding technique and segments merging according to their characteristics combine with spatial position. Our earlier work of getting the entire information of the histogram could help choose(More)