Yanjie Huang

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We report a novel ytterbium complex [Yb(tta)3DFQZ] which exhibited obviously enhanced two-photon sensitized near-infrared luminescence properties of Yb(3+) compared to the usually reported Yb(3+) complexes, with a two-photon excitation action cross-section of 22 GM under excitation at 860 nm at 298 K. Unlike other lanthanide complexes, [Yb(tta)3DFQZ] under(More)
The Inner Triplet Heat Exchanger Test Unit (IT-HXTU) is a 30-m long thermal model designed at Fermilab, built in US industry, fully automated and tested at CERN as part of the US LHC program to develop the LHC Interaction Region quadrupole system. The cooling scheme of the IT-HXTU is based on heat exchange between stagnant pressurized He II in the magnet(More)
A novel strategy based on the concept of preorganization and cooperation has been designed for a superior capacity to capture low-concentration CO2 by imide-based ionic liquids. By using this strategy, for the first time, an extremely high gravimetric CO2 capacity of up to 22 wt % (1.65 mol mol-1 ) and excellent reversibility (16 cycles) have been achieved(More)
Conventional semiconductor photocatalysis based on band-edge absorption remains inefficient due to the limited harvesting of solar irradiation and the complicated surface/interface chemistry. Herein, novel photothermal-enhanced catalysis was achieved in a core-shell hierarchical Cu7S4 nano-heater@ZIF-8 heterostructures via near-infrared localized surface(More)
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