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Matching synchrosqueezing transform: A useful tool for characterizing signals with fast varying instantaneous frequency and application to machine fault diagnosis
Abstract Synchrosqueezing transform (SST) can effectively improve the readability of the time-frequency (TF) representation (TFR) of nonstationary signals composed of multiple components with slowExpand
Applying LCC Compensation Network to Dynamic Wireless EV Charging System
High consistency of the experimental results validates the correctness of the proposed analyses and parametric design method, as well as the suitability of applying LCC network in dynamic wireless EV charging applications. Expand
Wind Turbine Diagnosis under Variable Speed Conditions Using a Single Sensor Based on the Synchrosqueezing Transform Method
Compared to the conventional time-frequency analysis techniques, the improved method which is performed in non-real-time can effectively reduce the noise pollution of the signals and preserve the signal characteristics, and hence is suitable for the analysis of nonstationary signals with high noise. Expand
Improving the Misalignment Tolerance of Wireless Charging System by Optimizing the Compensate Capacitor
With the proposed optimizing method, the tolerant lateral misalignment of the WCS prototype has been extended to 44.3% of the coil size, achieving a 38. Expand
A Novel Metamaterial Inspired High-Temperature Microwave Sensor in Harsh Environments
A finite-element method-based model is developed via high-frequency simulation software for a high-temperature sensor based on a metamaterial unit cell that has the advantages of higher quality, lower environmental interference, and anti-low frequency interference. Expand
Rectifier Load Analysis for Electric Vehicle Wireless Charging System
Experimental results prove that the rectifier equivalent load can be correctly calculated on conditions of different system load resistances, rectifier input inductances, dc voltages, and mutual-inductances. Expand
Null-Coupled Electromagnetic Field Canceling Coil for Wireless Power Transfer System
In this paper, we present a kind of null-coupled canceling (NCC) coil to shield electromagnetic fields (EMFs) for wireless power transfer (WPT) systems. The proposed NCC coil is based on theExpand
Switch-On Modeling and Analysis of Dynamic Wireless Charging System Used for Electric Vehicles
In the model, system initial state before switching is considered and the full response is used to describe the switch-on process, and a simple way to select the suitable switching position is provided based on the analysis of switching position influence. Expand
Feature Identification With Compressive Measurements for Machine Fault Diagnosis
A novel mechanical feature identification method is proposed that fault features are extracted directly in the compressive measurement domain without sacrificing accuracy, while a significant reduction in the dimensionality of the measurement data is achieved. Expand
Optimisation of planar rectangular coil achieving uniform magnetic field distribution for EV wireless charging based on genetic algorithm
Inductive power transfer is a method that can be used to transfer power to electric vehicles. The output power and the transmission efficiency drop significantly when there is a misalignment betweenExpand