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Biodegradable polymeric micelles for targeted and controlled anticancer drug delivery: Promises, progress and prospects
Summary Biodegradable polymeric micelles have emerged as one of the most promising platforms for targeted and controlled anticancer drug delivery due to their excellent biocompatibility, prolongedExpand
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Click hydrogels, microgels and nanogels: emerging platforms for drug delivery and tissue engineering.
Hydrogels, microgels and nanogels have emerged as versatile and viable platforms for sustained protein release, targeted drug delivery, and tissue engineering due to excellent biocompatibility, aExpand
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Room-temperature fabrication of a three-dimensional reduced-graphene oxide/polypyrrole/hydroxyapatite composite scaffold for bone tissue engineering
The development of tissue engineering (TE) provides a promising alternative strategy for bone healing and regeneration. For the successful application of TE, a scaffold with a three-dimensional (3D)Expand
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Resistivity and relative permittivity imaging for oil-based mud: A method and numerical simulation
Abstract In this study, a brief review of development of electrical microresistivity imaging in well logging has been made. Based on the existing problems, a new imaging method has been presentedExpand
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Poly(vinyl alcohol) Cryogel Formation Using Biocompatible Ice Nucleating Agents
To control the influence of supercooling on the preparation of poly(vinyl alcohol) (PVA) cryogel, various biocompatible ice nucleating agents, including, two fatty alcohols, and eight different aminoExpand
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Understanding the mechanoluminescent mechanisms of manganese doped zinc sulfide based on load effects
Abstract In this work, manganese doped zinc sulfide (ZnS: Mn2+) powder was synthesized, which was further composited with epoxy resin. In addition to the bright photoluminescence (PL), two types ofExpand
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roliferation of MC 3 T 3E 1 cells on casein phosphopeptide-biofunctionalized 3 D reduced-graphene oxide / polypyrrole sca ff olds †
Key Laboratory of Mechanics on Disaster Ministry of Education, College of Civil University, Lanzhou 730000, China. E-mail: School of Stomatology of Lanzhou Unive liubkq@lzu.edu.cn Laboratory of CleanExpand
2 These are physical gels based on the crystallization of PVA during the freeze-thawing cycles. This report describes the preparation of PVA hydrogels and the application for postoperative adhesionExpand