Yanina R. Timasheva

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In order to find new informative predictors of myocardial infarction, we performed an analysis of genotype frequencies of polymorphic markers of SELE (rs2076059, 3832T > C), SELP (rs6131, S290 N), SELL (rs1131498, F206L), ICAM1 (rs5498, K469E), VCAM1 (rs3917010, c.928 + 420A > C), PECAM1 (rs668, V125L), VEGFA (rs35569394, –2549(18)I/D), CCL2 (rs1024611,(More)
INTRODUCTION Given the physiological role of placental growth hormone (PGH) during intrauterine development and growth, genetic variation in the coding Growth hormone 2 (GH2) gene may modulate developmental programming of adult stature. Two major GH2 variants were described worldwide, determined by single polymorphism (rs2006123; c.171 + 50C > A). We sought(More)
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