Yanick Aujard

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INTRODUCTION Vancomycin is the cornerstone of therapy against methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus in both community- and hospital-acquired infections. Monitoring vancomycin concentration is essential to prevent over- or underdosing of pediatric patients. However, only initial trough vancomycin concentrations may be needed to optimize dosages. The optimal(More)
We performed 10-hour polysomnographic recordings in 15 neurologically normal and clinically stable 33- to 34-week postmenstrual age (PMA) neonates, 10 of whom had been treated >3 days with once-per-day oral caffeine citrate (5 mg/kg) given at approximately 2 PM. We analyzed (a) the usual sleep-wake variables, including wakefulness, active sleep, quiet(More)
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