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Asiatic cotton (Gossypium arboreum L.) is an Old World cultivated cotton species. The sinense race was planted extensively in China. Due to the advances in spinning technology during the last century, the species was replaced by the New World allotetraploid cotton G. hirsutum L. Gossypium arboreum is still grown in India and Pakistan and also used as an(More)
Resource description framework (RDF) together with RDF schema (RDFS) is important semantic Web standards proposed from W3C. RDF is a knowledge representation language to deal with hard semantics in the description and manipulation of crisp metadata. However, information is often vague or ambiguous. Many metadata are fuzzy by nature, and the Semantic Web(More)
The vision of the semantic Web is to give data on the Web a well-defined meaning by representing it in RDF and linking it to commonly accepted ontologies. Today, most data are stored in relational databases. To be able to use these data on the semantic Web we need a flexible but easy to use mechanism to convert relational data to RDF data. In this paper, we(More)
In recent years, many domain ontologies have been developed and many of these ontologies contain overlapping or incompatible information. As systems that rely on domain ontologies expand, they often need to merge domain ontologies into a more general ontology. However, introducing ontology merging may cause redundancies and inconsistencies, which will break(More)
Ontology, as a representation of shared conceptualization of specific domain, is a key technology for the Semantic Web. In recent years, many ontologies have been developed and many of these ontologies contain overlapping information. To be able to use multiple ontologies we need a flexible mechanism to integrate ontologies. In this paper we present a(More)
As fuzzy ontologies for fuzzy knowledge representation are increasingly constructed, how to store fuzzy ontologies is becoming a more pertinent issue. In this paper, we make use of the advantage of fuzzy relational database as an efficient solution to store fuzzy ontologies. Considering the characteristics of structure and individuals of fuzzy ontology we(More)
How to quickly and cheaply construct Web ontologies has become a key technology to enable the Semantic Web. However, information imprecision and uncertainty exist in many real-world applications. Thus constructing fuzzy ontology by extracting domain knowledge from fuzzy database model such as fuzzy ER model can profitably support fuzzy ontology development.(More)
Ontology is an important part of the W3C standards for the Semantic Web used to specify standard conceptual vocabularies to exchange data among systems, provide reusable knowledge bases, and facilitate interoperability across multiple heterogeneous systems and databases. However, current ontology is not sufficient for handling vague information that is(More)
Conceptual data model of information system is used to capture the requirement of specific application domain. In this paper we present an approach to build conceptual data model using ontology based on knowledge representation, which can be transformed into explicit specification. Firstly, the formal definitions of ontology and ER model are given and the(More)
One of the most important technologies for electric vehicles is the drive control technology which does not require a position or speed sensor. In a sensorless vector controlled induction machine, the speed must be indentified from the system. Most of the sensorless control techniques are dependent on motor parameters, such as stator resistance, inductance,(More)