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Iron is the cheapest and one of the most abundant transition metals. Natural [FeFe]-hydrogenases exhibit remarkably high activity in hydrogen evolution, but they suffer from high oxygen sensitivity and difficulty in scale-up. Herein, an FeP nanowire array was developed on Ti plate (FeP NA/Ti) from its β-FeOOH NA/Ti precursor through a low-temperature(More)
A large number of cell-oriented cancer investigations require an effective and reliable cell segmentation method on three dimensional (3D) fluorescence microscopic images for quantitative analysis of cell biological properties. In this paper, we present a fully automated cell segmentation method that can detect cells from 3D fluorescence microscopic images.(More)
—We propose a novel method to evaluate table segmentation results based on a table image ground truther. In the ground-truthing process, we first extract connected components from a given table image and connect them into an atom graph with weighed edges. Edge weight takes neighboring connected components' size similarities and distances into consideration.(More)
Three dimensional microscopy images present significant potential to enhance biomedical studies. This paper presents an automated method for quantitative analysis of 3D primary vessel structures with histology whole slide images. With registered microscopy images of liver tissue, we identify primary vessels with an improved variational level set framework(More)
In this Letter, we demonstrate the direct growth of FeP nanoparticles film on carbon cloth (FeP/CC) through low-temperature phosphidation of its Fe3O4/CC precursor. Remarkably, when used as an integrated 3D hydrogen evolution cathode, this FeP/CC electrode exhibits ultrahigh catalytic activity comparable to commercial Pt/C and good stability in acidic(More)
The emergence of digital pathology has enabled numerous quantitative analyses of histopathology structures. However, most pathology image analyses are limited to two-dimensional datasets, resulting in substantial information loss and incomplete interpretation. To address this, we have developed a complete framework for three-dimensional whole slide image(More)
It is highly attractive, but still remains challenging, to develop noble metal-free bifunctional electrocatalysts efficient for both the hydrogen evolution reaction (HER) and oxygen evolution reaction (OER) in alkaline media. In this letter, we describe the rapid electroless deposition of amorphous Ni-B nanoparticle film on Ni foam (Ni-B/Ni foam) by(More)
Three-dimensional (3D) high resolution microscopic images have high potential for improving the understanding of both normal and disease processes where structural changes or spatial relationship of disease features are significant. In this paper, we develop a complete framework applicable to 3D pathology analytical imaging, with an application to whole(More)