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Recently, this laboratory identified a proton-coupled folate transporter (PCFT), with optimal activity at low pH. PCFT is critical to intestinal folate absorption and transport into the central nervous system because there are loss-of-function mutations in this gene in the autosomal recessive disorder, hereditary folate malabsorption. The current study(More)
Polybrominated diphenyl ethers (PBDEs) are a group of important persistent organic pollutants. In the present study, geometrical optimization and electrostatic potential calculations have been performed for all 209 PBDE congeners at the HF/6-31G level of theory. A number of statistically-based parameters have been obtained. Linear relationships between(More)
Coronaviruses encode multifunctional proteins that are critical for viral replication and for blocking the innate immune response to viral infection. One such multifunctional domain is the coronavirus papain-like protease (PLP), which processes the viral replicase polyprotein, has deubiquitinating (DUB) activity, and antagonizes the induction of type I(More)
In this study, we used two different types of bioassay, a contact filter paper toxicity bioassay and a soil toxicity bioassay, to compare the acute toxicity of twenty-four insecticides belonging to six chemical categories on earthworm species, Eisenia fetida. Results of the contact filter paper toxicity bioassay indicated that neonicotinoids were super(More)
This study was conducted to investigate comparative toxicity of 45 pesticides, including insecticides, acaricides, fungicides, and herbicides, toward the epigeic earthworm Eisenia fetida. Results from a 48-h filter paper contact test indicated that clothianidin, fenpyroximate, and pyridaben were supertoxic to E. fetida with LC(50) values ranging from 0.28(More)
Danshensu, as the effective component of Salvia miltiorrhiza (Danshen), has been widely used in clinic for treatment of cardiovascular diseases in China. In the present study, we aimed to confirm the cardioprotective effect of Danshensu from myocardial ischemia/reperfusion (MI/R) injury in vivo, and investigate the potential molecular mechanisms against(More)
In dynamic cardiac cine magnetic resonance imaging, the spatiotemporal resolution is limited by the low imaging speed. Compressed sensing (CS) theory has been applied to improve the imaging speed and thus the spatiotemporal resolution. In this paper, we propose a novel technique that employs a patch-based 3-D spatiotemporal dictionary for sparse(More)
Two novel polysaccharide fractions, GRMP1 and GRMP2, were isolated from the mycelium of Gomphidius rutilus through submerged fermentation. GRMP1 and GRMP2 had similar average molecular weights (35 and 31 kDa, respectively), and were composed of glucose and xylose at molar ratios of 0.46:1 and 0.63:1, respectively. In vitro antioxidant tests showed that(More)
Human coronavirus NL63 (HCoV-NL63), a common human respiratory pathogen, is associated with both upper and lower respiratory tract disease in children and adults. Currently, no antiviral drugs are available to treat CoV infections; thus, potential drug targets need to be identified and characterized. Here, we identify HCoV-NL63 replicase gene products and(More)
We used two imatinib resistant cell lines, K562-ADM cells, which over-express P-glycoprotein (a product of the ABCB1 gene, more commonly known as MDR1), and K562-hTERT cells, which over-express the telomerase reverse transcriptase (TERT), as models to show that the acquisition of multidrug resistance in CML is associated with the enhanced phosphorylation of(More)