Yanhua Shih

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Plenoptic imaging is a novel optical technique for three-dimensional imaging in a single shot. It is enabled by the simultaneous measurement of both the location and the propagation direction of light in a given scene. In the standard approach, the maximum spatial and angular resolutions are inversely proportional, and so are the resolution and the maximum(More)
We report a recent experimental simulation of a controlled-NOT gate operation based on polarization correlation measurements of thermal fields in photon-number fluctuations. The interference between pairs of correlated paths at the very heart of these experiments has the potential for the simulation of correlations between a larger number of qubits.
  • Fahad Alghannam, Philip Hemmer, Zeyang Liao, M Suhail Zubairy, F A, Z L +2 others
  • 2016
We propose an approach for super-resolution optical lithography which is based on the inverse of magnetic resonance imaging (MRI). The technique uses atomic coherence in an ensemble of spin systems whose final state population can be optically detected. In principle, our method is capable of producing arbitrary one and two dimensional high-resolution(More)
We introduce a new factorization algorithm, based on the analogue determination of the periodicity of a single generalized continuous truncated exponential sum (CTES) interferogram. We demonstrate that this algorithm allows, in principle, to factorize arbitrary numbers exploiting a remarking rescaling property of the recorded CTES interference pattern. Such(More)
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