Yanhua Gao

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A new MAC protocol abbreviated as ELMAC(Energy-efficient and Low-latency MAC) is proposed in this paper. On the basis of SMAC and ASMAC, the carrier-listening technology in physical layer is applied to compulsorily wake up the neighbor nodes within multi-hops in ELMAC, so that the data transmission over multi-hops can be realized during a single(More)
ARINC 653 provides a strong isolation mechanism for safety computing fields, such as aircrafts. seL4, a 3rd generation microkernel, was formally verified for its functional correctness and provides a desirable code base for partitioning operating systems. But there is a long way from seL4 to partitioning. We take the first step and focus on the temporal(More)
The purpose of ontology matching is to reuse the ontologies and integrate them in different fields, so as to implement the more bigger pool of information and knowledge to the new communication and application. The achievements of (semi-)automatic ontology matching are very limited. There are many works to do in about this field. Under the background, an(More)
seL4 is formally verified for its functional correctness and its kernel modules provide strong support to achieve interprocess communication mechanism. In recent years, some scholars designed Interprocess Communication Systems with library-based architecture. This design abandons Message-Passing technique that most of microkernels adhere to. The present(More)
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