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An energy-saving ethanol fermentation technology was developed using uncooked fresh sweet potato as raw material. A mutant strain of Aspergillus niger isolated from mildewed sweet potato was used to produce abundant raw starch saccharification enzymes for treating uncooked sweet potato storage roots. The viscosity of the fermentation paste of uncooked sweet(More)
A piezoelectric vibration feeder with a magnetic spring is discussed in this paper. The feeder can keep resonance frequency relatively stable under changing loading. Through the analysis on the working principle and magnetic spring stiffness characteristic of this feeder, the dynamic model was established and the relationship among system resonance(More)
In order to improve the output capacity of a piezoelectric pump when transferring gas, this paper presents a compact resonant piezoelectric diaphragm pump (hereinafter referred to as the piezoelectric diaphragm pump), which is driven by a rectangular piezoelectric vibrator. The compact structure can effectively release the vibrating constraints of the(More)
Abstract: To improve the stability and reliability of the piezoelectric micro-pump, the cause of air block phenomenon is analyzed on the structure of wheel check valve. During the movement of the bubble in the micro-channel, pressure drop occurs, the main factor which influences the bubble going through is opening height of the wheel check valve. Five(More)
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