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Supplemental oxygen is frequently used in the treatment of infants having pulmonary insufficiency, but prolonged hyperoxia may contribute to the development of bronchopulmonary dysplasia in these infants. Cytochrome P4501A enzymes have been implicated in hyperoxic lung injury. Retinoic acid (RA) plays a key role in lung development. Here, we tested the(More)
Product technology maturity foresting is vital for any enterprises to hold the chance for innovation and keep competitive for a long term. The Theory of Invention Problem Solving (TRIZ) is acknowledged both as a systematic methodology for innovation and a powerful tool for technology forecasting. Based on TRIZ, the state-of-the-art on the technology(More)
the conventional image coding metrics based wavelet focus on separable wavelet decomposition, which are not fit for human visual system to extract natural images features, while true dimensional wavelet decomposition can deal with them. This paper studied construction of true bidimensional wavelet filter banks and analyzed similarity of decomposed subbands,(More)
According to the Complexity Theory, there is complexity in the system when the functional requirement is not be satisfied. There are several study performances for Complexity Theory based on Axiomatic Design. However, they focus on reducing the complexity in their study and no one focus on method of analyzing the complexity in the system. Therefore, this(More)
Patent documents contain important technical knowledge and research results. They have high quality information to inspire designers in product development. However, they are lengthy and have much noisy results such that it takes a lot of human efforts for analysis. And due to the fact that hidden and unanticipated information plays a dominant role for TRIZ(More)
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