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Product technology maturity foresting is vital for any enterprises to hold the chance for innovation and keep competitive for a long term. The Theory of Invention Problem Solving (TRIZ) is acknowledged both as a systematic methodology for innovation and a powerful tool for technology forecasting. Based on TRIZ, the state -of-the-art on the technology(More)
A series of nitrogen-rich molecules N6XHm, N8XHm, and N10XHm (X = B, Al, Ga, m = 1 and X = C, Si, Ge, m = 2) consisting of N3 and N5 radicals, are systematically investigated by using B3LYP and B3PW91 DFT methods. It is found that for the nitrogen-rich molecules, the structures with N3-chains (N5-ring) are more stable than those containing a N3-ring(More)
A novel high performance optical fiber sensor for simultaneous measurement of relative humidity (RH) and temperature based on our newly designed knob-integrated fiber Bragg grating (FBG) is proposed and experimentally demonstrated. The knob-shaped taper followed by an FBG works as a multifunctional joint that not only excites the cladding modes but also(More)
The capture of N3-chains and N5-rings on the outer surface of C60 was studied using density functional calculations. For the neutral N5-ring, it was found that a N5-ring trapped by a C60 cage becomes more stable than an isolated N5-ring radical, and a C60-N5 compound with a C-N bond at an exohedral position of C60 is more stable than an isomer with the(More)
According to the Complexity Theory, there is complexity in the system when the functional requirement is not be satisfied. There are several study performances for Complexity Theory based on Axiomatic Design. However, they focus on reducing the complexity in their study and no one focus on method of analyzing the complexity in the system. Therefore, this(More)
the conventional image coding metrics based wavelet focus on separable wavelet decomposition, which are not fit for human visual system to extract natural images features, while true dimensional wavelet decomposition can deal with them. This paper studied construction of true bidimensional wavelet filter banks and analyzed similarity of decomposed subbands,(More)
Aminothiophenol/Au(111) has been adopted as an exemplary model in plasmonics research, including surface-enhanced Raman spectroscopy, due to its high plasmonic-induced spectral-signal enhancement. The present work was aimed at clarifying whether aminothiophenol on Au(111) is chemically stable in the absence of any photo- and plasmonic-induced effects.(More)
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