Yanhong Kou

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By aiding GPS receiver tracking loops with INS estimates of signal dynamics, GPS/INS ultra-tight coupling can improve the navigation performance in challenging environments. Traditionally the INS data are injected into the loops once every loop update interval, which limits the levels of dynamics accommodated. This paper presents a sample-wise aiding(More)
Commercial GNSS RF signal simulators are expensive and few of them provide modernized GPS L2C signal simulation capability so far. Based on the SDR architecture of a GNSS RF signal simulator developed by Beihang University, China, this paper focuses on the design and implementation of the L2C IF signal generator. The calculation and updating of waveform(More)
In high dynamic environment, the PN code acquisition is one of the most challenging step in the process of DS/SS systems Synchronization. Segmented matched filter (SMF) provides rapid acquisition with large frequency offset. A new scheme that differentially combine inner-symbolic sub-SMF correlation outputs and coherently accumulate over a number of(More)
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