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In HSV color space, the current vector morphological operators have low capability to reduce color noise caused by hue and saturation in color image processing. Because they sort the color pixels according to the hierarchical ordering of V, S, H, which is against the equal principle of the three channels in color image processing. A novel vector ordering(More)
In the field of gesture recognition, one of the major challenges lies in that different user may sign different style of gesture. Traditional exemplar-based methods are vulnerable to gesture scaling and hand location translating. To overcome such disadvantage, we propose an efficient and inexpensive solution for classifying hand gestures by defining an(More)
To pose like a fashion model and to take professional grade photo are always two challenging tasks, especially for novice users. Pose Maker, an innovative system for pose and photo composition recommendation and synthesis, is developed in this work. Given a user-provided clothing color and gender, this system shall not only offer some suitable poses, but(More)