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Investigation of transcription factors (TFs) and their downstream regulated genes (targets) is a significant issue in post-genome era, which can provide a brand new vision for some vital biological process. However, information of TFs and their targets in mammalian is far from sufficient. Here, we developed an integrated TF platform (ITFP), which included(More)
Since XML documents can be represented as trees, Based on traditional tree edit distance, this paper presents structural similarity metric for XML documents ,which is based on edge constraint, path constraint, and inclusive path constraint, and similarity metric based on machine learning with node costs. It extends scope for searching XML documents, and(More)
Semantic search is a key issue in integration of heterogeneous biological databases. In this paper, we present a methodology for implementing semantic search in BioDW, an integrated biological data warehouse. Two tables are presented: the DB2GO table to correlate Gene Ontology (GO) annotated entries from BioDW data sources with GO, and the semantic(More)
BACKGROUND Transcription factors (TFs) are core functional proteins which play important roles in gene expression control, and they are key factors for gene regulation network construction. Traditionally, they were identified and classified through experimental approaches. In order to save time and reduce costs, many computational methods have been(More)
User Navigation Behavior Mining (UNBM) mainly studies the problems of extracting the interesting user access patterns from user access sequences (UAS), which are usually used for user access prediction and web page recommendation. Through analyzing the real world web data, we find most of user access sequences carrying hybrid features of different patterns,(More)