Yangyang Fan

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Spatial Epitope Prediction server for Protein Antigens (SEPPA) has received lots of feedback since being published in 2009. In this improved version, relative ASA preference of unit patch and consolidated amino acid index were added as further classification parameters in addition to unit-triangle propensity and clustering coefficient which were previously(More)
BACKGROUND Depression is the most common form of mental disorder in community and health care settings and current treatments are far from satisfactory. Vagus nerve stimulation (VNS) is a Food and Drug Administration approved somatic treatment for treatment-resistant depression. However, the involvement of surgery has limited VNS only to patients who have(More)
Understanding the genetic basis of water use efficiency (WUE) and its roles in plant adaptation to a drought environment is essential for the production of second-generation energy crops in water-deficit marginal land. In this study, RNA-Seq and WUE measurements were performed for 78 individuals of Miscanthus lutarioriparius grown in two common gardens, one(More)
As a promising candidate for the second-generation C4 energy crop, Miscanthus lutarioriparius has well acclimated to the water-limited and high-light Loess Plateau in China by improving photosynthesis rate and water use efficiency (WUE) compared to its native habitat along Yangtze River. Photosynthetic genes were demonstrated as one major category of the(More)
Expression variation plays an important role in plant adaptation, but little is known about the factors impacting the expression variation when population adapts to changing environment. We used RNA-seq data from 80 individuals in 14 Miscanthus lutarioriparius populations, which were transplanted into a harsh environment from native habitat, to investigate(More)
MicroRNAs (miRNAs) regulate expression of genes at post-transcriptional level by binding on complementary sequences of target mRNAs and play multiple roles in biological processes. To investigate the differential expression of miRNAs in posterior silk gland (PSG) of silkworm (Bombyx mori) in different periods and regulation of miRNAs on the expression of(More)
Deqi sensation, a psychophysical response characterized by a spectrum of different needling sensations, is essential for Chinese acupuncture clinical efficacy. Previous research works have investigated the component of Deqi response upon acupuncture on acupoints on the trunk and limbs. However, the characteristics of Deqi sensations of transcutaneous(More)
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