Yangxi Chen

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Severe toothache can be caused by dental pulp inflammation. The ionotropic purinergic receptor family (P2X) is reported to mediate nociception in primary afferent neurons. This study aims to investigate the involvement of P2X receptors in the sensitization of the trigeminal ganglion (TG) caused by dental pulp inflammation. Lipopolysaccharides were(More)
INTRODUCTION Aging people's bone regeneration potential is always impaired. Bone marrow stromal cells (MSCs) contain progenitors of osteoblasts. Donor age may affect MSCs' proliferation and differentiation potential, but the genomic base is still unknown. Due to recent research's indication that a core circadian component, brain and muscle ARNT-like 1(More)
INTRODUCTION To understand the effects of low-magnitude, high-frequency (LMHF) mechanical vibration at different intensities on human periodontal ligament stem cell (hPDLSC) proliferation and osteogenic differentiation. MATERIAL AND METHODS The effect of vibration on hPDLSC proliferation, osteogenic differentiation, tenogenic differentiation and(More)
UNLABELLED To evaluate the effects of preadjusted bracket base shape, the morphology of tooth surface where bracket locates, and the suitability relevant to location of bracket on the preadjusted edgewise appliance technique. 1 vertical curve and 3 horizontal curves of the clinical crown surface of anterior teeth and bicuspid teeth were measured with the(More)
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