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Cloud computing is a new paradigm in which dynamically scalable virtualized computing resources are provided as a service over the Internet. However, since resources are limited, it is very important that cloud providers efficiently provide their resources. This paper presents a trust model for efficient reconfiguration and allocation of computing resources(More)
Cloud computing is a network of virtualized servers or virtual data centers that can deliver powerful applications, platforms, and infrastructures as services over the Internet. Virtualization technology based Cloud Computing has the advantages of system scalability. It, however, needs mechanisms to improve its resource utilization and to complement its(More)
The quantity of digital data is growing exponentially, and the task to efficiently process such massive data is becoming increasingly challenging. Recently, academia and industry have recognized the limitations of the predominate Hadoop framework in several application domains, such as complex algorithmic computation, graph, and streaming data.(More)
In today’s highly intertwined network society, the demand for big data processing frameworks is continuously growing. The widely adopted model to process big data is parallel and distributed computing. This paper documents the significant progress achieved in the field of distributed computing frameworks, particularly Apache Hama, a top level project(More)
Grid computing is becoming more and more attractive for coordinating large-scale heterogeneous resource sharing and problem solving. Although Globus toolkit version 4 which is developed based on WSRF can successfully deal with the heterogeneity of resources and the diversity of applications, the current grid environments based on Globus toolkit version 4(More)
AS complexity of computational applications and their environments has been increased due to the heterogeneity of resources; complexity, continuous changes of the applications as well as the resources states, and the large number of resources involved, the importance of problem solving environments has been more emphasized. As a PSE for metacomputing(More)
Cloud is now tremendously growing technology in market. It provides us services beyond of our imagination, not only in the field of virtualization but it also facilitates in models like client/server deployment models. It provides advantage of distributed computing, grid computing, utility computing, autonomic computing, as well as various services like web(More)