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This paper investigates whether remote sensing evapotranspiration estimates can be integrated by means of data assimilation into a distributed hydrological model for improving the predictions of spatial water distribution over a large river basin with an area of 317,800 km2. A series of available MODIS satellite images over the Haihe River basin in China(More)
In this letter, we apply an extended environmental dynamic computable general equilibrium model to assess the economic consequences of implementing a total emission control policy. On the basis of emission levels in 2007, we simulate different emission reduction scenarios, ranging from 20 to 50% emission reduction, up to the year 2020. The results indicate(More)
Hickory is a kind of deciduous tree, belong to Juglandaceae Carya, China is hickory's origin. Its fruit has been the favourite of consumers for high nutritional value and the unique taste. Hickory needs suitable environmental conditions and must be planted at an altitude of 300 meters to 700 meters on hills. In this paper, we import Web-GIS to manage(More)
Many soil and water conservation (SWC) measures have been applied in the Jinghe River Basin to decrease soil erosion and restore degraded vegetation cover. Analysis of historical streamflow records suggests that SWC measures may have led to declines in streamflow, although climate and human water use may have contributed to observed changes. This paper(More)
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