Yangwei Jiang

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By employing molecular dynamics simulations, we explored the effective depletion zone for nanoparticles (NP) immersed in semiflexible polymer melts and calculated the entropic depletion interactions between a pair of NPs in semiflexible polymer nanocomposite melts. The average depletion zone volumes rely mainly on polymer chain stiffness and increase with(More)
Semiconductor quantum dots (QDs) have drawn considerable attention since its emergence because they have high brightness and a long luminous time. Our aim is to develop a new assay based on QDs to determine Alpha fetal protein (AFP) by immunofluorescence assay (IFA). Two different monoclonal antibodies of anti-AFP were labeled by QDs and the magnetic beads.(More)
Alpha fetoprotein (AFP) has been identified as a specific marker of hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC). Our perpose is to develop a new fluorescence immunoassay based on Alexa fluor-647 to determine the concentration of AFP in serum. Alexa fluor-647 and magnetic beads were applied in labeling two different anti-AFP monoclonal antibodies. Both labeled antibodies(More)
By employing molecular dynamics simulations, we explored the conformation transition of nanoparticles (NPs) in semiflexible ring polymer nanocomposite melts. A novel aggregation-dispersion transition for NPs in ring polymer nanocomposites occurs when the bending energy of ring chains increases. The conformations of flexible ring chains near NPs are radial(More)
The adsorption-desorption transition of DNA in DNA-dendrimer solutions is observed when high-valence anions, such as hexavalent anions, are added to the DNA-dendrimer solutions. In the DNA-dendrimer solutions with low-valence anions, dendrimers bind tightly with the V-shaped double-stranded DNA. When high-valence anions, such as pentavalent or hexavalent(More)
The self-assembly behaviors and phase transitions of binary nanoparticles (NPs) adsorbed on a soft elastic shell are investigated through molecular dynamics simulation. The conformations of adsorbed binary NPs depend on the bending energy K(b) of elastic shell and the binding energy D0 between the NPs and the elastic shell. The ordered structures of binary(More)
The self-assembly of diblock copolymer (DBCP)/diblock nanorod (DBNR) mixtures are studied by using a dissipative particle dynamics simulation method. The microstructures of DBCP/DBNR blends depend on the type of DBCPs as well as the number of DBNRs. For the asymmetric DBCPs of A3B7, the morphological transition of DBCP/DBNR blends from cylinder phase to(More)
Wrapping and unwrapping behaviors of double-stranded DNA around a positively charged nanosphere in solution are studied by using the coarse-grained molecular dynamics (CGMD) simulation method. When monovalent, divalent and trivalent anions are added to the DNA-nanosphere complex solution, double-stranded DNA binds with a nanosphere owing to strong(More)
By employing molecular dynamics simulations, we explore the dynamics of NPs in semiflexible ring polymer nanocomposite melts. A novel glass transition is observed for NPs in semiflexible ring polymer melts as the bending energy (Kb) of ring polymers increases. For NPs in flexible ring polymer melts (Kb = 0), NPs move in the classic diffusive behavior.(More)
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